News |Peak Design Celebrates New Coyote Colourway with Sustainable Strapss

Peak Design Celebrates New Coyote Colourway with Sustainable Straps

Timeless design meets environmental consciousness in new strap offerings.

Peak Design Coyote

Peak Design has announced the addition of a new colourway to its range of camera straps. The Coyote colourway, now available across four different strap models, marks a significant step for the brand in integrating sustainability into its product line.

The introduction of the Coyote colourway follows Peak Design’s philosophy that good design is timeless and should not conform to passing seasonal trends or frequent product cycles. This belief is reflected in the brand’s careful and deliberate approach to introducing new elements to its products.

Peak Design Slide Lite in the five available colours
The Peak Design Slide Lite strap shown in the five available colours

Sustainable Features in Peak Design’s New Releases

The new colourway includes the following models, each featuring unique sustainable attributes:

  1. Coyote Cuff: Priced at $34.95, this strap includes 35% recycled nylon, making it Peak’s first strap to utilize recycled webbing material.
  2. Coyote Leash: Available for $44.95, this strap also incorporates 35% recycled nylon, emphasizing the brand’s move towards more sustainable production processes.
  3. Coyote Slide Lite: At $59.95, this strap is solution-dyed, a process that significantly reduces water and energy use during production.
  4. Coyote Slide: The most robust model, priced at $65.95, shares the solution-dyed process, ensuring consistency with the brand’s eco-friendly initiatives.

These straps are functionally identical to the existing colourways (black, ash, midnight, sage) but stand out with their eco-conscious construction and the new Coyote aesthetic.

You can read the full review of the Peak Design Cuff, Peak Design Leash, Peak Design Slider lite and Peak Design Slide here.

A Celebration of Design and Sustainability

“Introducing a new colour is always a celebration at Peak Design,” a company spokesperson said. “With the Coyote colourway, we are not just adding to our palette; we are stepping forward in our commitment to sustainability.”

For more information on Peak Design’s products, including the new Coyote colour options, check out the official website

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