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Peak Design Slide Lite Review

Peak Design Slide Lite Review

Snap Verdict

The Peak Design Slide Lite is my favourite camera strap. It’s wide enough to distribute the weight of a full-frame camera and lens, yet lacks the bulk of some other straps. It’s also easy to adjust its length so you can swap quickly between using it around your neck, on your shoulder, or across your body.

I’ve been using the Peak Design Slide and Leash camera straps routinely for ages. I tend to use the Slide for large cameras and the Leash for smaller mirrorless models. However, I recently started using the Peak Design Slide Lite and it works well with a wide range of cameras. It’s become my camera strap of choice.

Peak Design makes the Slide Lite from seatbelt-style nylon webbing with leather and Hypalon accents. It has a minimum length of 99cm (39-inches) and can extend to 145cm (57-inches). You just lift and pull on one of the two anodised aluminium adjusters to change the strap’s length.

One side of the Slide Lite has two rows of silicone bobbles along its middle section to help it stay on your shoulder. The other side is smooth to allow it to slip over clothes when the strap is worn across your body. I like to use the grippy side but it means the wrong side of the adjustment handles and connection points are uppermost. It’s a very minor thing but it troubles my sense of order – I can’t eat chocolate biscuits upside-down either.

Peak Design Slide Lite Review

Camera Connection

Like the Slide and the Leash, the Slide Lite attaches to your camera via the supplied Anchors. These are made from thermoplastic disks and anti-abrasion woven thermoplastic cord. The thin, but durable cord, slips through the camera strap lugs while the disks slot securely into the strap connectors with a satisfying click.

You just press on the disk and slide it out of the connector to disconnect the camera from the strap.

Peak Design also supplies a low profile metal Anchor Mount and a 4mm hex wrench to enable the Slide Lite to be connected to the base of the camera via the tripod bush if you prefer (and don’t often use a tripod). However, I prefer to carry my camera by the strap lugs.

One of the great things about the Peak Design Anchors is that they make the straps very quick to attach and detach. That’s ideal for when you want to support your camera on a tripod, especially for a long exposure when you don’t want to have a strap flapping about in the breeze.

As Peak Design supplies two pairs of Anchors with the Slide Lite, you can put them on two cameras and quickly swap the strap between them.

Peak Design Slide Lite Review


I love the simplicity and ease of use of the Peak Design Slide, Slide Lite and Leash. However, I like the Slide Lite best of the three. It strikes the best balance between distributing the weight of a camera while having a fairly narrow strap. It’s also very comfortable to use, easy to adjust and can be removed quickly when necessary.

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