Olympus debunks that camera business closure rumour

Olympus camera rumours 2016

Olympus has firmly shot down a rumour published last week that suggested an ongoing review of its business might lead to the closure of its imaging business.

Olympus Russia took to its Facebook page to state that any suggestions that its imaging business may close are not true.

The rumour originated with an article in Business Journal Japan, which claimed that shareholders in the company are restructuring the business and analysing its most profitable divisions. The original article states:

Many Olympus shareholders happen to be foreigners and they are starting to make headway, which could eventually lead to Olympus either discounting their camera sales or going in a fundamentally new direction.

As a result of this review, the report suggested ‘activist shareholders’ in Olympus could seek to close down the company‚Äôs image division, which is operating at a loss. However, Olympus Russia has addressed this report with the following:

Friends, more recently, several Russian-speaking resources, citing foreign sources, came up with loud headlines that supposedly, Olympus is closing the photo business. For our part, we want to say that this information is not true. Currently, Olympus is undergoing a comprehensive transformation program to continue its development as a global medical company.

The photo business plays an important role as a technology driver for all Olympus business lines, developing advanced digital and network technologies that are also used in our medical and industrial business. We will continue to improve the technology in photography, paying particular attention to our main advantages: compactness of the system, exceptional image stabilization capabilities and high-quality lenses.

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