Olloclip Filmer’s Kit Snap Verdict

The Olloclip Filmer’s Kit enables you to elevate the potential filmmaking on your iPhone by equipping it with a variety of specialist lenses.

These lenses attach to the clip system that in turn fits snugly over the existing iPhone lens. One in place you have four all-new field-of-view options and these range from fish-eye through to telephoto

If you shoot video on your iPhone, then the Olloclip Filmer’s Kit is a worthwhile accessory.

For Olloclip Filmer’s Kit

  • Greatly exands iPhone video potential
  • Easy to attach
  • Great choice of lenses

Against Olloclip Filmer’s Kit

  • Clipping lenses in and out can be fiddly
  • Expensive

Whether we like it or not smartphones are now the most popular choice for image and video capture.

The quality of both stills and video has accelerated to such a degree that it’s now not uncommon to see iPhone footage being used professionally.

Unfortunately, the small lens of the iPhone is limited, it has a fixed focal length, and the only way to zoom or apply any field-of-view changes is digitally, which will instantly degrade the image quality.

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The Olloclip Filmer’s Kit enables you to instantly improve the quality of your video capture by offering a clip-on lens system that will give you four alternative lens options.

Lens focal lengths aren’t the only issue when filming with a naked iPhone. The ergonomics of a phone are designed to be held to the ear, not used for filming.

Although it’s not too difficult to handle a phone to pan and shoot general footage, your comfort can be greatly increased by using a phone grip.

All of these features are at the heart of the Olloclip Filmer’s Kit , an attractive all in one set that will instantly convert your iPhone into a full fledged video making set-up.


Arriving in a semi-hard case the Olloclip Filmer’s Kit is from the outset a premium product. Unzipping not only reveals the kit contents, but the partnership with quality case maker incase.

Olloclip Filmer's Kit

The case features sections for each part of the Olloclip from the four lenses, to the grip and clips.

In the mesh, there are a few extras including an additional clip and the instructions. There’s essentially a clip for the iPhone 7 / 8 and one for the iPhone 7 / 8 Plus.

The lenses are the main feature of the kit, and you get a Telephoto, Ultra-Wide, Super-Wide and Fish-Eye / Macro 15x.

Each lens is an individual module with lens cap and spring-loaded clip that enables it to be loaded into the Olloclip System.

The Clip, its self, is a beautifully designed and once in the clip sits over your iPhone lens.

A nice feature of the Clip design is that it comes clipped into another clear piece of plastic. This has a large loop at one end so that it can be attached to key-ring; it also folds out so it can be used as a stand.

The Lens Clip system is double sided so that a lens can be mounted in each direction. When you want to swap between the Telephoto and Super-Wide, for instance, all you need to do is flip the clip.

Olloclip Filmer's Kit

As already mentioned in the case is the grip. This is a well-engineered plastic device with a pivot that enables you to adjust the angle of the phone.

The Phone itself is held in place by a spring-loaded clamp with hard rubberised grip.

Finally, there’s also a GoPro adapter in the case, so if you want to remove the phone clamp from the grip, you can quickly swap it for the GoPro adapter and mount your action camera.

This adapter only enables you to add an action camera with GoPro mount to the grip and does not enable you to add the Olloclip lenses to the action camera.

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