Nikon to release full-frame ‘D7xx’ in 2017 that can shoot in pitch black?

Nikon to release full-frame ‘D7xx’ in 2017 that can shoot in pitch black?

Thursday December 22, 2016

By Jeff Meyer

A Swedish photographer has posted two images to his Facebook page that he claims were taken with a new full-frame Nikon ‘D7**’ DSLR due for release in 2017.

What’s incredible about the images is that he claims they were taken in the middle of a forest at night in pitch darkness.

The photographer, Tomas Jönsson, has since appeared to take his Facebook page offline, but claims to have taken the images in December 2015 as part of a field test for Nikon, according to PetaPixel.

Nikon to release full-frame ‘D7xx’ in 2017 that can shoot in pitch black?

Image by Tomas Jönsson, via PetaPixel

The highlight of this puported full-frame Nikon D7** camera appears to be its capability of shooting in low-light. According to a Google translation of Jönsson’s Facebook post:

Must share a little image. Mostly for the photo-freaks, but maybe the rest of you likes it too. Taken in the middle of the night in December 2015. Moonlight, but still very dark. Tested a new model/sensor. This camera comes 2017 and I have never seen the like. Noise is super-low, the AF-module will be like D5/D500, ie. as D500 best of all there is today. D500 is better/faster than Canon’s/Nikon’s pro models. The dynamics etc. Think now, the eyes can see three-four trees away. The camera sees this.

Nikon D7xx full-frame camera?

Image by Tomas Jönsson, via PetaPixel

And this second image Jönsson says he shot in the forest during the middle of the night with an exposure of just 2.5secs.

This one is more crazy. Look. No moonlight here. No light at all. NADA! Totally pitch-black forest. I searched for Emmy with my headlamp. Set the focus with the headlamp in my hand pointed at her. 2.5 sec, tripod. She’s not still, but look at the heather. Absurd…

Of course, none of these images have been verified so must be taken with a grain of salt. But if true, this looks to be a very significant leap forward for Nikon, if not a game-changer.


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