Nikon patents finger sensor to determine photographers’ emotions

Nikon patents finger sensor to determine photographers’ emotions

Nikon is working on a patent to develop new finger sensor technology that can determine the emotions of the photographer using the camera.

Nikon patent application 2017-143581 aims to help viewers understand the basic state of mind of the photographer at the time an image was takien.

Under the patent, the device will feature an input unit for measuring a photographer’s biometric information when pressing the shutter button. According to the patent:

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the problem in which, while a viewer who views a photographed image can enjoy the photographed image more deeply if a photographer’s emotion at a time of photographing can be understood, how to enjoy such images cannot be realized with the conventional apparatus.
SOLUTION: The display device includes: an input unit for inputting biometric information of a photographer at a time of photographing an image; a display unit for displaying the image; and a processing unit for estimating an emotion at the time of photographing from the biological information of the photographer and processing an image to be displayed on the display unit on the basis of the estimated emotion.

Via PetaPixel