Nikkei: Nikon to launch mirrorless camera priced under $1000 in 2019

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Nikon will launch a new mirrorless camera later this year that will sit at a price point less than $1,000, according to Nikkei.

The trusted Japanese financial media organisation reports that Nikon plans to launch a new mirrorless camera later in 2019 that will be able to mount the same lenses used on Nikon’s higher end mirrorless cameras like the Z7.

However, Nikkei doesn’t state whether this camera will be another full-frame Z-mount camera or the first in a new APS-C Z-mount range.

If it is another full-frame Z-mount camera it would seem to be positioned to take on the Canon EOS RP, whereas a new APS-C range might aim to compete with Canon’s EOS M series.

The translated report from Nikkei says:

Nikon will introduce a new mid-price mirrorless camera product in fiscal 2019. The same interchangeable lens can be used in the product that corresponds to a sister model such as the high-end model “Z7” launched by the company in the autumn of 2006. It is expected that the price will be in the 100,000 yen range, which is easier for the general consumer to pick up than the leading 200,000 to 400,000 yen model. The aim is to develop the demand of users other than existing enthusiasts.

Via Mirrorless Rumors