Nikon executive: new mirrorless system released by spring 2019

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An executive with Nikon has told a Japanese TV station that the company will release a new mirrorless camera system to the market by spring 2019.

Nikon hasn’t been shy with sharing details of its ambition to launch a full-frame mirrorless camera system, but it has now given its strongest indicator yet as to when we can expect it.

Speaking to the Japanese TV station NHK, a Nikon manager has said we can expect a new mirrorless Nikon system on the market by spring 2019.

On its own that statement might seem innocuous, but if you’ve been following Nikon’s (self-professed) rumours you’d know that executives for the company have previously said that any new Nikon mirrorless camera would be full-frame.

The company also told us at Photokina 2016 that a full-frame system was its ambition.

Other rumours have suggested the new Nikon mirrorless camera will boast a curved sensor and introduce a new Z-mount lens system.

Watch this space…

Via DPReview,Nikon Eye