New Paxis Backpack lets you access your gear without taking it off


A new camera backpack that employs a cable and harness to swing the bag around your body may have just eliminated the cumbersome act of taking off your backpack every 50 yards.

The Paxis Backpack is activated by a cable attached to the bag’s shoulder harness. This releases the lower section of the backpack, which allows photographers to swing it around in front of them, making its contents readily accessible.

The bag’s compartment can carry up to 2.2kgs in weight and promises to hold a camera, spare lens, filters, binoculars, batteries, and even a sandwich and Thermos of coffee.

The bag is made from NYLAR Ballistic Fabric Technology, which is water-resistant fabric, and boasts a waterproof base and zippers.

The Paxis Backpack prices range from £180 to £200, and are available now.


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