New microSD Express format promise speeds up to 985MB/s

New microSD Express format promise speeds up to 985MB/s

The SD Association has announced a new microSD Express memory card format that uses SSD technology to achieve transfer speed of up to 985MB/s.

Announced at the Mobile World Congress 2019, the new microSD Express cards employ PCle and NVMe interfaces commonly found in SSDs in PCs to reach their fast transfer speeds.

The SD Association says this new technology is incorporated into the microSD pins, which enables it to work at such fast speeds.

The SD Association previously announced the full-size SD Express format last year. The SD Express and microSD Express formats aren’t actually being manufactured yet, meaning these transfer speeds, while achievable, are still just a possibility.

However, we expect memory manufacturers will soon start making cards using these new specifications.

The microSD Express cards will certainly appeal to mobile photographers recording 4K video on their smartphone.

Via The Verge