New JPEG XS standard designed for streaming live 4K, VR content

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The makers of the JPEG file format have announced a new JPEG XS compression standard, which is designed to stream live 4K video and VR content.

Experts in the Joint Photographic Experts Group explained that the new JPEG XS format is a low-energy standard that can be used for streaming video of WiFi and 5G networks.

File sizes aren’t any smaller than JPEGs, JPEG says; in fact, it has a compression ratio of 6:1 compared to 10:1 for JPEGs.

“For the first time in the history of image coding, we are compressing less in order to better preserve quality, and we are making the process faster while using less energy,” said Professor Touradj Ebrahimi in the group’s announcement.

“We want to be smarter in how we do things. The idea is to use less resources and use them more wisely. This is a real paradigm shift.”

Ebrahimi went on to say that the JPEG XS standard will first be used in “professional applications like movie editing, space imagery and professional-grade cameras.” From there it will be implemented into VR and AR platforms, and self-driving cars.

Via engadget