News |Microsculpture: the stunning insect photography of Levon Biss

Microsculpture: the stunning insect photography of Levon Biss


We’ve all seen strikingly close macro photography, but you have never seen anything like the Microsculpture images by photographer Levon Biss.

In one of the most breathtaking exhibitions we’ve seen this year, Biss photographs a 10mm insect in such high resolution that he can reproduce the image as a 3-metre print that reveals stunning minute details in his subjects that you’ve likely never seen before.

In Microsculpture, Biss has partnered with the Oxford University Museum of Natural History to photograph the museum’s extensive collection of rare entomological specimens from around the world using the macro techniques he has mastered over the years.

In this video Biss explains the making of his images, as well as the printing process and how the exhibition was staged.

Microsculpture runs from now until 30 October 2016. Visit the Museum’s website for more details.


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