Tripod-maker MeFOTO has launched a new sister company called MeVIDEO, which will specialise on making travel video tripods.

MeVIDEO has launched its first video tripod, the GlobeTrotter, via a Kickstarter campaign, which comes in aluminium or carbon fibre. The MeVIDEO GlobeTrotter will also offer a maximum payload of 4kg, along with a new levelling head design.

Other features include MeFoto’s reverse folding legs that make it more compact for travel, independent locking positions on the legs and a split/centre column.

Integrated, stainless steel spikes can be expanded or retracted into the rubber feet for greater stability on any surface.

The MeVIDEO also converts to a monopod by unscrewing the centre column and combining it with the padded leg.

The MeVIDEO GlobeTrotter can also support a wide range of cameras, from the Sony A6500, Panasonic GH5, Sony A7SII, Canon 5D Mark IV to the Canon C100.

The early bird MeVIDEO GlobeTrotter price tag on Kickstarter is $349 for the aluminium version, and $499 for the carbon fibre model.

The MeVIDEO GlobeTrotter’s price tag upon its release is expected to be $499 for the aluminium version and $699 for the carbon fibre model.

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