Japanese filter manufacturer Marumi has launched a new range of lens protection filters, introducing the Exus Solid filters, priced £53.94.

The new flagship Exus Solid filters are made of hardened glass which is seven times stronger than conventional filters, according to the company’s UK distributor, Kenro.

The Exus Solid filters are designed with a black satin-finished frame, while the glass boasts a 0.2% reflection rate and is oil and water repellent with an anti-static coating. Dust and fingerprints can be removed with a wipe of a cloth, Kenro says.

Here’s a short video the company released demonstrating the Exus Solid’s strength via a steel ball drop test.

The Marumi Exus Solid is available in 13 sizes ranging from 37-82mm. The company says it will add three additional sizes very soon.

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