Manfrotto debuts new Pro Rugged SD, microSD, CF memory cards

Manfrotto's new Pro Rugged memory cards are available in CF, SD and microSD formats in capacities of 64GB and 128GB

Manfrotto debuts new Pro Rugged SD, microSD memory cards

Manfrotto has announced a new Pro Rugged range of CompactFlash, SD and microSD memory cards that claim to be water-, crush- and temperature-proof.

In somewhat of a surprise announcement from the accessory-maker, Manfrotto’s new Pro Rugged SD cards offer data transfer speeds at up to 280MB/s, while its new CF cards offer speeds of up to 160MB/s and microSD options at 90MB/s.

The Pro Rugged microSD cards are classed V30, U3 and UHS-I, while the CF cards are UDMA 7 and the SD versions are UHS-II, V90, U3.

For more on what these class ratings mean, check out our guide on reading the stickers on your memory cards.

All three Pro Rugged memory card options are available in capacities of 64GB and 128GB at prices ranging from £35 on up to £125.

You can currently purchase them at half price from Manfrotto’s website.

Via DPReview

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