Reviews |Manfrotto Noreg 30 Backpack Review

Manfrotto Noreg 30 Backpack Review

Manfrotto Noreg 30 Backpack Review

Snap verdict

The Noreg 30 backpack is a superbly versatile bag with lovely looks and great comfort. It’s aimed to be more of an everyday bag, opposed to a dedicated camera bag, but it does the job very well and I wouldn’t hesitate using this as a work bag.


Manfrotto Noreg 30 Rucksack / Price: £159.95

This backpack is Manfrotto’s second offering in the Noreg line-up alongside their messenger bag; my review of that can be found here. Versatility is a key selling point with this range as the removable compartments allow the user to choose the type of bag they need.

Manfrotto Noreg 30 Backpack Review

The camera compartment can be removed for when you only need to carry a small amount of camera gear, or if you wanted to take your laptop with you, the sleeve can be unzipped from the rear of the bag and if you only need a rucksack then you can remove both the laptop sleeve and camera equipment compartment. Very handy if you require a bag for a variety of uses!


As mentioned already, the bag features a modular design which functions rather well. Other features include a tripod or monopod holder and a fairly large but slim wallet sized pocket at the top of the bag. Just like the Noreg messenger, it uses the same straps with metal hooks for carrying medium sized objects.

Although these are well made, I feel they lack security, making it quite easy for your items to fall out. It lacks a dedicated drinks slot, something which is a must for my needs. Other than those little niggles, it is well padded and very comfortable to wear and includes a rain cover in case you get caught in a downpour!

Build and handling

Nothing to fault in this department as every little detail feels strong and well made. All the compartments are easy to access, making it handy to grab items out nice and quickly. The shoulder straps and rear of the bag are well padded offering great comfort.


The bag has performed very well for what I have been using it for; work. I can fit my chunky 15’’ laptop, my food and drink and my Sony A7Riii + Laowa 10-18mm lens. If needed, I can put my filters in the top compartment, allowing an extra lens or two as well as the camera body in the bottom.

Manfrotto Noreg 30 Backpack Review
This isn’t a bag designed for photography expeditions and certainly wouldn’t consider recommending this bag for that! As with the Noreg messenger, the target audience is the casual urban shooter who likes to do a spot of photography during their lunch break or after work etc. So, with that in mind it does a fantastic job and the modular versatility really comes in handy.

The rain cover is effective and very simple to use and can be stored away in any of the compartments. The horizontal tripod holder is effective, however, I would say it is limited to smaller tripods otherwise it will stick out quite a lot at the sides. The only thing to let it down is the lack of a drinks holder and the rather clumsy hook straps.


If versatility is key and you don’t need to carry a large quantity of camera equipment, then perhaps this is the bag for you. Minus the couple of downsides mentioned, it is a well thought out bag with great functionality and very well built. Although I have both large and small camera bags, I don’t own a bag like this one. Even with its flaws, I could easily see myself adding one to my collection.

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Manfrotto Noreg 30 Backpack Review
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