News |Manfrotto Element MII offers quality budget tripods

Manfrotto Element MII offers quality budget tripods

Update to Manfrotto's budget camera supports range

Manfrotto Element MII

The Element range was something of a departure from the usual design innovation that we expect from Manfrotto. It was, all about the basics, a solid entry-level tripod that offered sturdy support on a budget. 

The design the original Element tripods was in line with the cheap supports that we have seen flood the market in the last few years, but with one difference. The Element tripods came with the Manfrotto guarantee. 

Now, Manfrotto has released the 2nd generation, or MII. At present, this new model is only available as the Element Big if compared to the old Element range. The full new line-up is as follows: Element MII tripods, Element MII Mobile, Element MII Mobile BT and Element MII Monopods.

When it comes to the Element MII tripod as with the previous generation, you have the option of an aluminium or carbon version with both reaching a maximum height of 160cm and folding down to 42.5cm. 

Weight wise the aluminium version tips the scales at 20g more than the Carbon at 1.55kg compared to 1.35kg. Both can support a weight of 8kg.

Other notible features include an aluminium ball head to ensure smooth movement. This head has a dual lock design with a large primary knob for the main lock and release of the ball and a secondary knob to release the panoramic rotation. 

As is becoming increasingly popular, the base plate is of the Arca-type and Manfrotto RC2 in one, which means that it has wide compatibility with other supports and tripods. 

This plate is made out of lightweight polymer, essentially a super-strong plastic. 

A nice touch considering the budget price is that each Element MII will come with its own padded bag, this may seem like a small point, but it’s essential for storage and to make sure your tripod stays in tiptop condition. 

Element MII Tripod – RRP £114.99

Designed for DLSR and Mirrorless cameras, the Element MII is an ideal solution for those just getting into photography or looking for a decent quality support on a budget. 

The Manfrotto MII Tripod will be available in blue, red and black.

Element MII Mobile – RRP TBC

The final price for the Element MII Mobile tripod has yet to be released but is aimed at smartphone users wanting to get more from their phonography. 

Crafted from carbon fibre and weighing in at just 1.35kg this tripod has been designed to offer smartphones a steady professional support.

It comes supplied with the universal smartphone clamp or MCLAMP which features a 1/4-inch thread on the base.

The Element MII Mobile BT – RRP £149.99

Essentially it’s almost identical to the Element MII Mobile with the addition of a BlueTooth remote control.

This enables you to fire the shutter on your smartphone from a distance of up to 27.5m.

Element MII Monopod – RRP TBC

The Element MII Monopod is the final product of the new line-up and is designed for DSLR, Mirrorless, compact and smartphone users. 

For the monopod to cater to such a wide variety of cameras and imaging product s the monopod will be supplied with a 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch attachment. 

As with the tripods, it will feature twist leg locks for it’s 4-sections and will reach a maximum height of 159cm and will pack down to 43cm. 

It will have a max payload of 15kg, more than enough for any Smartphone you wish you to choose.

Monopods make great travel companions and coupled with the compact size it weighs in at just 0.5kg.

Again more details on pricing to follow for more information, please visit


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