Lomography LomoMod No.1 is cardboard medium format camera with a liquid lens


Lomography has announced the LomoMod No.1, a new build-it-yourself medium format camera made of cardboard, which comes with a liquid-fill lens.

Made from sustainable cardboard, the LomoMod No.1 is flat-packed for home assembly. It has a two-sided pattern, and its laser-cut pieces require no screws or glue.

There are 11 cardboard sheets in the construction, along with one sheet of aperture plates. It also comes with a shutter and aperture unit, and a 120 Film Spool.

If that doesn’t already sound…unique, the camera comes with a lens that can be filled with liquid to create different effects. Liquid is applied via a syringe, and can be anything from orange juice to red wine.

You can pre-order the LomoMod No.1 for $59.

LomoMod No.1 Specs

  • Focal Length: 80 mm
  • Maximum Aperture: f/11
  • Aperture: Separate Waterhouse aperture units
  • Focus: Fixed Focus
  • Focus Distance: 2.5 m – infinity
  • Focus Distance with 1 Adjustment Ring: 1.5 – 5 m
  • Shutter Speeds: N (1/100), B (bulb)
  • T shutter: individual T shutter lever
  • Flash Sync: PC-sync Socket
  • Tripod Mount: Yes
  • Cable Release Socket: Yes