Lomography launches Lomo’Instant Panama

Lomography launches Lomo’Instant Panama

Lomography has added another model to its growing range of instant cameras, announcing the Lomo’Instant Panama, price starting from £79.

The new Lomo camera boasts many of the same specs as the other Lomo’Instant cameras but comes with a new summer-inspired tropical body design.

The Lomo’Instant Panama uses Fuji Instax Mini film with an exposure area of 42 x 64mm. For an instant camera, it does allow a degree of manual control, offering shutter speeds from 1/125sec to Bulb mode for long-exposure effects.

You can dial in up to +/- 2EV exposure compensation, shoot multiple exposures or mount it to a tripod.

The Lomo’Instant Panama also features a built-in flash to which you can attach a number optional coloured gels for creative effects.

The Lomo’Instant Panama price tag starts at £79, or you can get the Panama plus a kit of three lenses (close-up, portrait and fisheye) for £105. You can buy the Panama from Lomography’s web shop.

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