News |Lomography launches Lomo’Instant Panama

Lomography launches Lomo’Instant Panama

Lomography launches Lomo’Instant Panama

Lomography has added another model to its growing range of instant cameras, announcing the Lomo’Instant Panama, price starting from £79.

The new Lomo camera boasts many of the same specs as the other Lomo’Instant cameras but comes with a new summer-inspired tropical body design.

The Lomo’Instant Panama uses Fuji Instax Mini film with an exposure area of 42 x 64mm. For an instant camera, it does allow a degree of manual control, offering shutter speeds from 1/125sec to Bulb mode for long-exposure effects.

You can dial in up to +/- 2EV exposure compensation, shoot multiple exposures or mount it to a tripod.

The Lomo’Instant Panama also features a built-in flash to which you can attach a number optional coloured gels for creative effects.

The Lomo’Instant Panama price tag starts at £79, or you can get the Panama plus a kit of three lenses (close-up, portrait and fisheye) for £105. You can buy the Panama from Lomography’s web shop.

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