News |Leica Q firmware update optimises EVF, expands shutter speeds

Leica Q firmware update optimises EVF, expands shutter speeds

Leica Q firmware update optimises EVF, expands shutter speeds

Leica has announced a new firmware update for the full-frame Leica Q, which adds enhanced features to the EVF, expands the shutter speed range, among more improvements.

Leica’s firmware update 2.0 for the Q optimises the EVF mode to make navigation easier, the company says. With the update, a press of the Menu or Play button now allows photographers to switch straight to menu control / picture assessment on the LCD screen. 

Another enhancement is that DNG format can now be selected as a separate option in addition to JPG and DNG + JPG, when choosing image file types in the menu system. 

What’s more, the firmware 2.0 update expands the Leica Q’s shutter speed range to include speeds of up to 120 seconds.

Other improvements include tweaks to the spirit level display, which now remains visible when the shutter release is pressed, and a ‘User Profile’ is now directly selectable via the FN button.

Also included are three new AF functions:

The 1-field autofocus metering area can now be selected in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

AF motion in digital zoom mode for focal lengths of 35mm and 50mm has been limited to avoid focusing on objects outside the zoom range.

Face Detection has also been optimised: if no face is detected, AF now automatically reverts to multi-field autofocus mode.

A fourth information screen has also been introduce, with an option to display the lower bar separately. The touch-controlled magnification function in playback mode, allowing you to enlarge or reduce back to original size an image when you double tap.

Other new additions with the Leica Q firmware update include a countdown display for long exposures and noise reduction, three modes available for the thumbwheel (Off/Auto/Exp. Comp.) and deactivation (Mode Lock) of the video button, if required. A change to WiFi password setting now allows the characters to remain visible when entered, and flash-unit compatibility has been extended to support the Leica SF 40 and SF 64, the company says.

Leica Q owners can download the firmware update from the Leica web site, or visit their local Leica Store or Leica Customer Care in the UK, for a complimentary firmware update service.


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