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Leica considering other metals for future cameras

Leica M10 top

During a recent trip to Leica HQ in Wetzlar, Germany, Camera Jabber got the chance to speak to Leica’s Product Management team – the team which is responsible for the development of the brand new M10 rangefinder camera.

As you may know if you’ve read the specifications for the new camera, one of the developments Leica is proudest of is being able to slim down the camera to match the same dimensions as Leica M film cameras.

This was achieved, despite the fact that the metal used to create the camera is the same thickness as found in the previous model, the Leica M  (Typ 240). This is to ensure that the camera remains strong and durable.

The team however, revealed that they have been considering other metals. “We are looking at other metals for camera bodies, but every one we look at, we give up and come back to the material we use now,” said Stefan Daniel, head of product development.

With a body constructed from all-metal die cast magnesium, the M10 also has a brass top panel and base, with a plated finish.

About the brass, Daniel said, “The brass part is a luxury – it is a bit heavy, but it gives a beautiful finish. It’s the metal of choice for the outer parts of the camera, and it’s a unique thing because nobody else does it.”

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