LEE Filters announces all new LEE100 Polariser

New LEE100 Polariser announced

A completely new filter system from LEE Filters is one thing, but an all new filter too? The new LEE100 Polariser filter is slim and light, yet tough enough to stand up to the riggers of being used by your average chuck it in a bag pro photographer.

The new polariser can be coupled with the new LEE100 Filter System and features improved optical quality and performance.

Made from high-transmission polariser glass, the LEE100 Polariser features a warm tone to help boost natural colours.

As with the LEE100 Filter System the polarizer can be used in combination with LEE’s 100mm filter range, and when clipped on to the two-slot filter-guide block, has the same wide-angle capabilities as the previous filter holder.

The LEE100 Polariser retails at £195
The LEE100 105mm polariser ring retails at £35

You can see the new filter system at The Photography Show 2019 or head on over to leefilters.com