Kingston Bolt Duo Snap Verdict

Once in a while, you come across a product that you never realised you needed, for example, the Kingston Bolt Duo.

It’s essentially additional photo and video storage for your iPhone. It works by plugging into the Lightning port on your iOS device and then by using the Bolt app you can transfer images and videos from your phone / tablet to free up space.

It can also be used as direct storage. This works by using the Bolt app’s camera to take video or images rather than the normal iOS camera app. All image files are then stored directly to the Bolt Duo bypassing the phones storage.

Once your mass storage needs are complete, then unplug, and pop somewhere safe until you need it again.

Handy, small, lightweight and far cheaper than an iPhone upgrade.

For Kingston Bolt DUO

  • Increase storage for iPhone
  • Easy to use app
  • Small and lightweight

Against Kingston Bolt DUO

  • Not USB-C
  • Easy to loose

If like me you’re an iPhone user then you’ll know the frustration of running out of storage. It used to happen to me on an almost daily basis, and in the end, I had a choice, swap to Android or upgrade the iPhone.

In the end, I reluctantly upgraded, the same phone as before just several hundreds of pounds more expensive and all so I could get an additional 112GB of storage.

This is where the Kingston Bolt Duo comes into play; it gives iPhone or iPad owners another option, in the same way, Android owners like to demonstrate the use of a £10 MicroSD card.


The Kingston Bolt Duo is available in three versions, 32, 64 or 128GB capacities and cost between £49 – £79 / $89 – $199. In this review, I’m looking at the 64GB version.

Kingston Bolt Duo review

The Duo part of the name comes from the dual connectors, Lighting to plug into your iPhone / iPad on one side and USB 3.1 on the other.

The main body of the Bolt Duo is made from metal and weighs in at 7.2g; there’s also a small rubber case that can be fitted around the Bolt to keep it safe. Once the case is added the weight increases slightly to 14.4g.

The size, like the weight, is small at just 40.7 x 12.2 x 7mm or 65 x 20 x 11mm with the case.

As well as the primary hardware there’s also the app, and this is compatible with any iOS device that runs iOS 9.0 or newer.

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Kingston Bolt Duo review
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