Kenro launches KNSC101 film scanner… with no computer required

Kenro launches KNSC101 film scanner… with no computer required

Photo and video distributor Kenro has announced its new Kenro KNSC101 film scanner – price tag £101.94 – which allows you to scan in film negatives without the need of a computer.

The Kenro KNSC101 film scanner features a built-in 2.4in TFT LCD preview screen, which allows you to preview scans and quickly choose which frames you want to scan.

Using a CMOS sensor, the Kenro KNSC101’s digitised images are scanned at 14 megapixels (4416 x 3312) and can be interpolated up to 22 megapixels in JPEG format.

The Kenro KNSC101 accepts colour and black and white negatives, as well as mounted and unmounted slides, and allows you to scan in 126 and 110 size film with adapters that are included in the kit.

It also offers a Super 8 insert for digitising frames from your old movies.

The Kenro KNSC101’s white balance is automatic and gives you the choice of using either automatic exposure or the manual control to increase or lower the exposure by up to +/- 2.0EV.

The Kenro Film Scanner is powered by a 240V mains adapter and connects to your computer via USB cable if you wish, or the Kenro Film Scanner can be used as a standalone device and store your scans to an SD memory card (up to 32GB is supported). It also offers internal memory of 128MB.

There is also a TV out connector in NTSC/PAL format, for previewing on the big screen.

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