Kenro launches 4-in-1 scanner

Kenro launches 4-in-1 scanner

Kenro has announced a new 4-in-1 Film & Photo Scanner (KNSC301) for scanning old film, slides and photographs.

The Kenro 4-in-1 scanner will convert your old images to JPEG format for editing, and the unit supports photos 3.5×5”, 6×4” and 7×5” photos, 35mm positive or negative film strips, and 35mm slides.

It is also able to scan business cards and is supplied with OCR (optical character recognition) software for digitising them.

The new Kenro scanner boasts a 5.1MP (megapixel) CMOS sensor, a resolution of 5MP (1800dpi) or 10MP (3600dpi) interpolated, and a 2.4 inch LCD screen for previewing and editing images.

Colour balance and exposure can be adjusted automatically or manually after scanning and before saving.

Although it has a small built-in memory, Kenro recommends the scanner is used with an external SD card (not included).

Kenro’s 4-in-1 Scanner is priced £119.94, which includes the KNSC301 4-in-1 Film & Photo Scanner, a USB cable, film holder, slide holder, 4-in-1 photo tray, OCR software, power adapter and user manual.