News |Kenro debuts new Sevenoak camera supports

Kenro debuts new Sevenoak camera supports

Kenro debuts new Sevenoak camera supports

UK photo and video distributor Kenro has announced three new camera support systems from Sevenoak: a Motorised Follow Focus, an Electronic Motorised Pan Head and a Carbon Fibre Jib Arm.

The new Sevenoak Motorised Follow Focus rig with Memory (SKMHF04) – price tag £455.94 – is a shoulder-mounted camera and accessories support system aimed at videographers to keep their camera steady while on the move.

Two independent operating systems on the hand grips allow users to control the zoom and focus, and the user can store up to four focus points.

The Motorised Follow Focus rig also offers a moveable and height-adjustable base plate, allowing users to switch cameras without dismantling the system.

The new Sevenoak Electronic Motorised Pan Head (SKECH03) – price tag £327.54 – is designed for use with jib arms, tripods or sliders. It supports cameras up to 5kg in weight and is compatible with most DSLR cameras and camcorders, Kenro says.

The unit comes supplied complete with a variable speed joystick controller and offers 360-degree movement on pan and tilt controls. There is also a variable speed remote control pan and tilt mechanism.

The hand-operated Sevenoak Carbon Fibre Jib Arm (SKJA20) – price tag £311.94 – is a tripod-mounted camera crane system designed to allow the operator to smoothly boom a camera up and down and move in an infinite number of 360-degree arcs.

Constructed of lightweight carbon fibre, the Carbon Fibre Jib Arm weighs just 2.3kg. Maximum length is 2.39m and maximum load capacity is 5kg. Maximum working radius is 1.12m, with minimum 0.49m.

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