News |Kenro beefs up its range of Sevenoak camera sliders

Kenro beefs up its range of Sevenoak camera sliders

Kenro beefs up its range of Sevenoak camera sliders

Kenro has added seven new camera sliders to its range of Sevenoak photo and video accessories: three designed for smaller cameras, three for heavy duty use and one that combines dolly and slider functionality.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the new Kenro sliders is the Sevenoak Dolly Slider (SKDS60), which boasts four smooth-action wheels on a 60cm slider so it can be used individually as a dolly or slider. Alternatively, you can use these features in combination for something more unique.

The SKDS60 features built-in adjustable folding feet, and is made of anodised aluminium. Other features include a smooth guide rail with bearings, a built-in spirit level and tension adjustment, as well as adjustable axles. It can be used on a flat surface or mounted to a tripod.

The Sevenoak SKDS60 has a maximum weight capacity of 5kg, and is priced £122.34 including VAT.

The three new Compact Sevenoak Camera Sliders are aimed at budget users who want to give a more professional look to their video footage. The Compact sliders each feature a smooth guide rail constructed of anodised aluminium, which Kenro says offers vibration-free, quiet panning.

The Compact sliders also feature a built-in spirit level for ease of leveling up and tension adjustment. What’s more, users can attach them to a tripod or use them on their own.

They also boast foldable, adjustable feet are compatible with most camera and video heads.

The difference between each model is in length and the maximum load they can withstand. These break down as:

Model SKLS60 is 60cm long, maximum load is 10kg. SRP is £101.94 inc. VAT.
Model SKLS85 is 85cm long, maximum load is 7kg. SRP is £122.34 inc. VAT.
Model SKLS120 is 120cm long, maximum load is 5kg. SRP is £142.74 inc. VAT.

Kenro’s Heavy Duty Sevenoak Camera Slider range offers a bit more robustness for professional users.

The Heavy Duty sliders are made from aluminium and feature precision bearings for smooth, quiet action, Kenro says. They can either be used standalone or across two tripods, and are compatible with most camera and tripod heads.

Again, the difference between the three models is down to length and load capacity, which breaks down as:

Model SKHD75 is 75 cm long, maximum load is 15kg. SRP is £161.94 inc. VAT.
Model SKHD100 is 100cm long, maximum load is 12kg. SRP is £203.94 inc. VAT.
Model SKHD120 is 120cm long, maximum load is 10kg. SRP is £275.94 inc. VAT.

What is a camera slider?

Once the sole domain of the high-end movie industry, a camera slider enables professional-looking image capture by allowing smooth and stable horizontal camera movement. This is a must-have effect that adds a ‘polished’ finish to your movie production.


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