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Kase Filter System Review

Kase Filter System Review

Within the box you get a K100-slim system filter holder with a manual, spare screws and a hex tool to change the holder to either a 3 or 1 filter holder. These holders are also included in the package. You also get the Kase magnetic CPL filter (86mm) along with adaptors for multiple lenses; these are:

  • 82-86mm
  • 77-86mm
  • 72-86mm
  • 67-86mm

This allows you the flexibility to use these with different size lenses without having to make further purchases.

Kase has gone out of their way to make the polariser work seamlessly when you have another filter attached to it. There is a gear to adjust the polariser as the CPL filter is equipped with gear splines. This makes it easy to adjust the filter in the cold when wearing gloves on a frosty morning.

Everything is packaged in a very strong, sturdy box with foam cut out to ensure minimal movement in transit. They come in an impressive and very stylish white case with further protection from a trace/grease-proof paper cover.
However, once unpacked from this box, the circular polariser does not have a case of its own, leaving it vulnerable to damage.

Kase has also included foam black-outs that can be used on either the filter glass lens or holder to further prevent light leak. There is a guide included for the usage and protection for the glass lens, yes, a glass lens! Kase boasts that these glass lenses are scratch proof and very robust; great!! This alleviates some of the fear of dropping them in the field and scratching them as this system does cost, however, they are an investment and I believe they will pay for themselves 10 x over. I have unfortunately dropped my filter holder three times; on the tar road getting out of the car and on rocks where I was shooting at that time and there isn’t so much as a scratch on the filters that were in the holder. Below is what Kase have to say about this system:

Nikon Z7 vs Canon EOS R

The filters themselves are made from “Professional High Definition” toughened glass and are claimed to be “Virtually Indestructible” [compared to other filters of the same type by other manufacturers] meaning you can drop these a few times and they are very unlikely to break. They won’t mark or scratch easily either.
They claim to have no issues with colour casting, something other filters, such as the Lee 10-Stopper are notorious for.
They also have a nano-coating which it is claimed repels oil and water and also help to control reflections. Essentially, if you get rain droplets on them, they wipe clear, smudge-free, without the need to polish.

The range from Kase caters for everyone from the budding amateur to the seasoned pro. I must also add that using the system is very easy and any help you may need is available via their great Kase ambassadors/UK distributors. Their view is that you, the customer, are very much at the heart of their philosophy.

The Verdict

I found the system very easy to use and extremely good quality. The range variety was far more than my requirements, but they cater for all levels of photographers, unlike other brands. If you purchase the kit (available in 3 packages) you will get 3 filter sizes for your lens’ requirements.


Optical Clarity
No Colour Cast
Shatter resistant, repels oil and water easily
Screw lock mechanism prevents the holder from accidentally come off
Can be used with other 100mm systems


A little more expensive compared to some rivals
Your normal lens cap does not cover this so an additional cost should you wish to leave the CPL on whilst about

Cost of Kase Wolverine Kits – £350 – £730

For more details on the Kase Wolverine Kits check out the website

Kase Filter System Review
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Kase Filter System Review
Kase are coming up fast with a growing reputation as a high quality filter solution. Here Jason checks out what the kit offers and takes them on the road.
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