Kandao introduces AI Slow-motion feature that turns 30fps video into 300fps footage

Kandao adds 3D Photo functionality to QooCam

Kandao has announced a new AI Slow-motion feature that will turn 30fps standard video into super slow-motion 300fps footage using machine learning.

The new AI Slow-motion feature is being released as an update to Kandao’s QooCam and Obsidian 360 cameras.

Using the AI Slow-motion mode, Kandao users can slow footage to up to 10x slow motion after taking them. As an example, 8K video shot at 30fps can be transferred into 240fps 8K footage.

Or 4K video at 60fps could be exported in 4K at 480fps. This is done by selecting a factor of eight during the 360 stitching process in Kandao or QooCam Studio software.