Kandao adds 3D Photo functionality to QooCam

Kandao adds 3D Photo functionality to QooCam

Kandao has updated its QooCam 360 camera to add new Facebook-ready 3D Photo functionality, which uses depth-mapping technology to create an immersive scene.

The QooCam’s 3D Photo functionality is inherited from the flagship Kandao Obsidian. It uses the QooCam’s VR180 camera mode to capture to capture a 4K 3D, 180-degree scene.

Users then ‘Refocus’ the scene in the app to adjust background blur, and this automatically generates a corresponding depth map.

Users can then export their 3D images directly to Facebook, as well as Oculus VR headsets.

Kandao says the QooCam’s 3D photos can only be shared via iPhones with dual-lens cameras at the moment, but support for more devices will come in the futre.

How to share 3D Photo to Facebook on QooCam