News |Jessops: 6 photo ideas for long weekends

Jessops: 6 photo ideas for long weekends

Jessops: 6 photo ideas for long weekends

With the bank holiday upon us here in the UK, photographic retailer Jessops has provided a list of photo ideas from its Jessops Academy training team to incorporate your photography into your family time.

01 Family portraits

There’s no better time than an enforced break to get the family together for some new portraits. Try different combinations of family groupings, or photograph just one family member to really sharpen your skills. If the weather’s good, head outside for some beautiful natural lighting.

02 Still life and macro in the home

You may never have realised that there are thousands of photoshoot ideas in your very own home. Many different objects make for fantastic still life and macro shots, especially if you can get creative with lighting and varying backgrounds. For example, you could focus on one room or even pick one object from every room, look for hidden details that you never knew were there.

03 Food photography

Combine some bank holiday cooking with some fantastic food photography. If you’re new to food photography, pick something that you can take your time over – a cake that won’t go cold, for example. Fruit and vegetables also make for interesting still life subjects, if you have a macro lens, make use of it to show off the interesting patterns and lines that natural subjects provide.

04 Find a new landscape

Spend some time researching some new locations that take you out of your comfort zone, and use the long weekend to take that trip you’ve been putting off for some time. New surroundings can really invigorate your creativity.

05 Experiment with monochrome

Some photography ideas never get old, and monochrome is one of those. Most cameras offer at least one monochrome setting you can experiment with. If you shoot in raw format, you can always revert back to the colour version if you don’t like the results.

Alternatively, why not convert some of your existing shots into monochrome using a program such as Photoshop for a new perspective.

06 One lens, one weekend

Too much choice can sometimes be overwhelming, why not try picking one lens this weekend and shooting only with that. You might find that you have to rethink how you take some shots, leaving you feeling pleasantly surprised with interesting results.

To celebrate the Bank Holiday weekend, Jessops is offering a free CEWE photo book with every camera purchased online or in-store from now until 31 May.

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