iSAW Touch Snap Verdict

Action cameras have evolved, and the Isaw Touch is a testament to this. One button operation, glorious touchscreen, decent specification and a price that makes this an ideal entry-level action camera.

For Isaw Touch

  • Huge touchscreen
  • One button operation
  • Compatible with GoPro mounts

Against Isaw Touch

  • Interpolated 4K
  • Average low light performance
  • No advanced features

Action cameras have changed, and this change has been orchestrated by the market leaders GoPro with touchscreens, GPS, motion sensors and big-hitting resolutions and framerates.

Isaw Touch review

However, unlike the first generation of action cameras, many of which were mere clones of the GoPro design and feature set, manufacturers these days have a more significant grasp of what users want and have adapted their models to suit.

The Isaw Touch is an entry-level camera, not one that tries to cram in the features in detriment to the overall quality of the camera; instead, it’s tuned to give those entering the action camera market the best possible experience.

This experience is apparent from the outset, with a quality waterproof housing and simple design that’s easy for anyone to use and understand.

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It has features such as a resolution 4K and noteworthy framerates that hit 120fps, the headline feature, however, is the large touchscreen.

In a packed market are the Isaw Touch’s touchscreen and ease of use really what people want? Or would they prefer a cheap action camera that crams in everything? We put the Isaw Touch through its paces to find out if it can make an impact.


Many of today’ entry-level cameras pack in vast amounts of options and settings. All well and good until you come to use the camera out in the wild.

The Isaw Touch also packs in the options but manages to keep it all well organised, so like the GoPro Hero 6 Black it does at first seem that options are limited, but delve in and everything is revealed.

Delve into the settings, and you’ll soon discover Ultra HD 4K at 24fps, although interpolated. It also has 2k; I’ve yet to meet anyone who uses this resolution, Full HD 1080p at 60, 30fps and 720p at 120, 60 and 30fps. Finally, there’s even VGA at 240fps.

It certainly offers the video options….

Powering the quality is a Sony 12MP image sensor fronted by a 170° degree field-of-view lens with 7 Glass elements.

Keeping the camera safe is the 100-feet 30m waterproof housing. As this model is all about the touchscreen, there’s an alternative touchscreen backdoor that can be attached. While this will retain waterproofing to some extent, it’s recommended that when the touch door is used purely for surface activities rather than diving.

As well as straight video the Isaw Touch can also capture stills at up to 16 million pixels and features other shooting modes including time-lapse and burst photos.

The big selling point for the Touch is the built-in 2.5-inch LCD touch screen which is larger than the Yi 4K+.

The camera also features built-in WiFi so that you can connect to your iOS or Android device using the OKCAM app.

Other nifty features include built-in stabilisation, motion detection, effects modes and a decent amount of manual control over the exposure settings.

In the box along with the camera, there are all the usual mounts and accessories, including, bike, helmet and surf.

There’s also an Isaw wrist remote that enables you to start and stop recording without touching either camera or your phone.

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