InfinityX announces Astora range of light panels

InfinityX announces Astora range of light panels

InfinityX has announced a new Astora lighting range, which includes three different models: the Astora Wide Panel, Spot Panel and Soft Panel.

The UK lighting firm announced its new Astora range for videographers and photographers, with features such as brightness up to 16629 lux@1m, built-in wireless control, metal construction, low power consumption and a silent operation.

The ASTORA WIDE PANEL (WS Widescreen) is the most portable light in the Astora range, and the perfect travel companion.

As with all Astora lights, it is one of the brightest LEDs in its size-class, combining a compact form factor and 50° beam angle, with a tremendous output of up to 7381 lux@1m.

Available in pure daylight (WS 840D) and Bi-colour (WS 840B) versions, users can choose between maximum brightness at pure daylight, or ultimate flexibility with the ability to match ambient colour temperatures quickly and accurately with the Bi-colour version.

With its built-in NP-F battery plate, the Astora Wide Panel can be easily powered by readily available and affordable NP-F type batteries.

The ASTORA SPOT PANEL (PS Power Spot) boasts a 30° beam angle offers even more brightness than the WS model with (up to) a staggering 16629 lux@1m, so that users will have plenty of power to bounce or diffuse the light, light from a distance or even in bright sunlight.

With power consumption below 86,4W, the Astora Spot Panel can be powered with any normal V-Mount battery and is not restricted to expensive high-current V-Mount batteries.

The ASTORA SOFT PANEL (SF Super Flood) series gives a wide 120° beam angle and houses a fixed diffusor, creating a soft, scattered light, which wraps perfectly around its subject.

Available in three sizes you can choose from maximum portability to the largest aperture.
Providing (up to) 13000 lumens, the Astora Soft Panel series is a soft-yet-bright light source that mimics the effect of a soft box, keeping a compact and thin form factor.

In addition to the built-in wireless control, the Astora Soft Panel series also boasts DMX 512 built-in, so it can be easily integrated into any existing environment via industry standard XLR connections.