Illuminati light meter uses Bluetooth to send exposure settings to your smartphone


Illuminati, a new light meter currently being funded on Kickstarter, promises to measure light from different points in a scene and send the information to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

The Illuminati light meter employs multiple sensors at once, which enable it to measure light levels in both the fore and background.

Then using a Bluetooth connection that works in conjunction with an app for iOS and Android, the Illuminati sends recommended settings to your smartphone.

What’s more, the Illuminate claims to measure colour as well as light and will recommend white balance settings, even coloured gels if using flash.

Photographers can enable up to 15 different types of exposure alerts via the Illuminati, which will send a notification to your phone if the light or colour temperature changes.

Design-wise, the Illuminati has a range of attachments for placing it within your scene, including a tripod mount and a magnet built into its back.

The Illuminati light meter is priced $229 and is currently funding on Kickstarter until 19 May.

Via Digital Trends

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