Hoya has launched two new top-of-the-range filter systems, introducing the Hoya Ultra-Pro UV and Circular Polariser and NX-10 systems, priced from £19.99.

Hoya’s Ultra-Pro system comprises its new top-of-the-range UV and Circular Polarisers filters that offer some 16 layers of anti-reflective coating. The filters also offer light transmission of 99.5% for the UV and 90% for the Circular Polariser.

Both filters are also scratch and stain resistant, as well as water and oil repellent.

Hoya’s new Ultra-Pro filters are available – in both UV and Circular Polariser models – in sizes from 37mm through to 82mm.

Prices start from £44.99 for the 37mm UV filter. The 82mm option is priced £284.99.

Hoya’s NX-10 range of filters is aimed at beginners and amateur photographers.

The UV filter features 10 layers of coating with a light transmission of 98%. The new Hoya filters are also water and oil repellent.

NX-10 filters are available in UV and Circular Polariser in sizes from 37mm through to 82mm. Price tags start at £19.99 for the 37mm UV filter and rise to £125.99 for the 82mm CPL.

For more information visit Intro2020.

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