HOW TO... live stream with your GoPro Hero

How to live stream with your GoPro Hero

Live streaming is big news, and here at Camera Jabber we’re partial to a little live broadcasting at times. Although the process of live streaming through your chosen mobile phone network is easy, not all cameras support the feature.

Mobile phones are all very well and good, but using both the camera and network to broadcast your stream isn’t ideal due to battery and storage constraints.

A better solution is to use a dedicated camera, such as a Yi 4K+ or GoPro Hero. While the Yi has the technology built in we have to approach live streaming on the GoPro Hero in a less direct way.

Native live streaming is, of course, one of the big new features that we’d like to see in the next GoPro Hero, you can read more about that here until then let’s look at how to get your mobile and GoPro ready to live stream.


How to live stream with your GoPro Hero

  1. On your mobile open the app store for iOS or Android
  2. Download and install the GoPro app
  3. Download and install Periscope, Twitter and Facebook
  4. Connect your GoPro to the mobile app
  5. Load Periscope and click the people icon and then your profile
  6. Select connect accounts and link each to your account
  7. Tap the video stream icon and you’ll see the stream from your GoPro
  8. Finally tap GoLive to stream on Periscope, tap the Twitter icon to post to Twitter and Facebook to share to facebook

Live streaming from the GoPro really is easy. It has several major advantages over using your mobile phone, not least getting a higher-end result.

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Alongside the GoPro itself, there are a few essential pieces of kit that will help elevate your live broadcasts. These include:

Grip or stabiliser

Use either the GoPro Karma Grip or Removu S1 to stabilise your footage for a professional look. If you just need support then try out a micro tripod such as the Manfrotto Pixi.



Good audio is essential for a great broadcast and with the launch of the new style of GoPro, the company invested in a few neat additions. The small audio cable boosts audio quality and plugs directly into the USB-C port on the side of the GoPro. Once attached you can then connect a dedicated microphone such as the Rode VideoMicro.



A little light to boost the scene is always welcome. Products such as the LumeCube or Manfrotto Lumimuse are ideal compact yet powerful solutions.



You’ll also need the following apps:

FaceBook App for Android

FaceBook App for iOS

Twitter App for Android

Twitter App for iOS

Periscope App for Android

Periscope App for iOS

If you’ve got a GoPro Hero 7 Black then you’ll find Live Streaming built-in. Follow the link to find out how to live stream with your GoPro Hero 7 Black.

How to live stream with your GoPro Hero
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How to live stream with your GoPro Hero
Live Streaming is huge and an area many GoPro users are longing for. Although this feature is yet to be native there is an easy workaround and best of all it works for almost any GoPro model.
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