GoXtreme Barracuda 4K Snap Verdict

The GoXtreme Barracuda 4K may be an entry level action camera, but for just over £100/$100 you’re getting some pretty hefty features.

High resolution, decent framerates, large touch screen and fully integrated app.

The specifications and features are all there, but there is a cost. Build quilty is decidedly average, and nothing is protecting the lens which means that it’s a no-go for extreme sports enthusiasts.

However, with excellent image quality and plenty of resolution and framerate option, it still has appeal.

If you’re in the market for a well-priced family or vlogging action camera, then the GoXtreme Barracuda 4K is well worth a look.


  • Decent image quality
  • Touchscreen
  • Waterproof without housing


  • No lens protection
  • Suffers in lower light
  • Average build quality

The action camera market has taken a sudden change of direction. Rather than manufacturers racing for increased framerates and resolutions, they’re now looking towards ease of use.

The GoXtreme Barracuda 4K is a perfect example, it’s a decent size and features a large touchscreen.

Designwise the camera looks basic, there’s none of the flare that we’ve seen with many other cameras recently. The overall build and design can at best be described as average.

But then this is an entry-level action camera, and where it lacks in design and fineness of finish, it more than makes up for in features and video quality.

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Feature-wise it hits 4K resolution, has 1080p at 60fps and slow-motion options, for ease of use it has that touchscreen and there’s no faffing around with a waterproof case.

The GoXtreme Barracuda 4K is from the outset a mixed bag – lacking in design finesse but overflowing with features and specifications.

At the price you can start to see the reasons for some of the decisions from GoXtreme – it’s a camera with potential but with some odd design decisions.


When you compare the feature list with other action cameras of the moment it has to be said it’s pretty mid-range.

GoXtreme Barracuda 4K review

4K at 25fps, 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 120fps, it also offers 10m waterproofing without a case, WiFi, 170 FOV lens f/2.5 with a 3mm focal length, slow motion, time-lapse, 20 million pixel stills (Interpolated) or 16 million pixels native.

These are all pretty standard specs, size wise the camera measures 65 x 46 x 28.5mm and weighs in at 99g without the cage. In all directions that’s quite a bit more than the GoPro Hero.

Interestingly GoXtreme has published the chipset used by the camera which is the Sunplus 6350 but not the image sensor.

The physical design of the camera is simple. The front holds the lens, power button and logo, top, the shutter and OK button, back, the 2-inch LCD.

On the side is a lockable door under which is the 1050mAh lithium battery, HDMI and USB 2.0 ports.

On the base is a 1/4-inch thread to attach a tripod of selfie stick.

Although the camera doesn’t require a waterproof case, there is a sperate cage that can be put on the camera so that it can be attached to a standard GoPro Mount.

Unlike the GoPro cage, the Barracuda 4K cage does not affect the camera’s waterproofing.

Finally and as with all entry level cameras, it comes with a good selection of mounts in the box including; Shield, Bike Mount, Orientation arms, Tripod Adapter, Mount Buckles and Helmet Mounts.

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GoXtreme Barracuda 4K review
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