News |GoPro updates Quik app with new editing features

GoPro updates Quik app with new editing features

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GoPro has released a new update to its Quick app that adds new editing tools for both photos and videos, along with a streamlined workflow.

The new update improves upon the popular Frame Grab feature, which now lets users take frame grabs from videos they’ve captured on their phone.

The tool saves the grab in the same resolution in which you captured your video so that you don’t lose image quality. The Frame Grab tool also matches the aspect ratio of your source video, whereas your phones screenshot feature may typically require you to crop out elements.

Other new features include auto-scanning of your GoPro camera for new footage, with the option to transfer it to the Quik app. GoPro has also added five new original music tracks for your video edits.

The update also lets you apply edits to all media within a draft (eg filter, colour, text duration and photo duration/volume).

The GoPro Quik app is free to download, but you can subscribe for £1.99 per month, or £9.99 per year, to unlock more features, such as unlimited cloud backup of your imported photos and videos at their original quality when the backup feature is released later this year.

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