News |GoPro updates Quik software to add GPS data to videos

GoPro updates Quik software to add GPS data to videos

GoPro Hero5 Black video sample

When the GoPro Hero5 Black launched there was no doubt that this was the most advanced camera from the market leader to date. It also helped to put the company back at the top as the undisputed leader of the action camera market.

Whilst most of the features including the voice control and touch screen made sense, the GPS remained a bit of a missed opportunity as it wasn’t full utilised by any of the apps.

However, there were rumors that an update was on it’s way and the GPS feature would finally make sense.

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Sure enough, GoPro has announced an update to its Quik for desktop software. The new features enable you to dip into the telemetry data and use it as overlays within the videos to show distance, speed, altitude, elevation gain and the date and time.

Unlike the TomTom Bandit that uses the data from the camera’s sensors to automatically edit your footage through the use of the TomTom app, GoPro’s approach is closer to that of Garmin and Olympus, as the Quik software already has auto editing features built in.

For more details check out the GoPro website

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