Reviews |GoPro Hero6 Black sample video in 1080p at 240fps

GoPro Hero6 Black sample video in 1080p at 240fps Review

GoPro Hero6 Black sample video in 1080p at 240fps

It’s the footage everyone has been dying to see. One of the key additions the GoPro Hero6 Black offers over the Hero5 Black is the ability to record video in 1080p at 240 frames per second.

While HD video might not sound all that impressive in the age of 4K video resolution, what excites people about this video recording option is its ability to be slowed down to create ultra-slow motion videos. Such as our video above.

We have a tutorial here to help you learn more about video frame rates.

The GoPro Hero6 Black was announced only yesterday, but we managed to get our hands on one and took it out for testing. As you can see from this sample GoPro Hero6 Black video at 1080p at 240fps, even something as simple as taking your dog out for a walk can be turned into a dramatic movie.

And just look at that clarity and detail! We’re only a day into our testing so far, but what we initially took as a moderate upgrade appears to be a really solid, worthy successor to the Hero5 Black. We have more testing to do, but watch this space as we plan to test the GoPro Hero6 Black in its other video resolutions.

And if there’s something specific you want us to test – or if you just want to ask us a question about the Hero6 Black – do get in touch!

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Dave Shriva
Dave Shriva
5 years ago

Thank you very much for this video! Did you do any post editing on it or is it 100% Raw out of camera?
I can see that the gopro 6 is not truly 240fps artifacts everywhere D:
Also great footage for the test!