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How the GoPro Hero6 Black could integrate into the Smart Home Review


When Apple launched the iPhone the world of tech dramatically changed. The time of one job, one device was gone. These days we expect our smartphones to act, not only as a phone, but diary, smart home control system and remote for our action cameras.

Is it too much to expect the new GoPro Hero6 Black to also be multi-functional and as comfortable in the home as it is out in the field?

There are, of course, some features that would make perfect sense crossing the traditional extreme sports nature of the GoPro in with home comforts.

For instance wouldn’t it be great if you got home after a ride with your GoPro Hero6 Black, the camera automatically downloaded all your day’s footage to the server – either your own or to GoPro’s?

Better still, how awesome would it be if, once you’d jumped out of the shower, had some food down and cracked open a beer, you could watch through all the edits (spliced together for you by QuikStories) from your day on your TV with no interaction from you?

First image of the GoPro Hero6 Black surfaces

Many cameras already offer security features, such as dash cam capability for when you’re driving or home surveillance. In fact, there was an app for the GoPro Hero4 Black that enabled this. This would mean you could put your camera to work everyday of the week rather than just at weekends when you’re out for a ride.

I’m sure that there are countless other uses for the GoPro Hero6 Black in the home that are as yet unimagined. At the moment we don’t know when the announcement of the GoPro Hero6 Black will be, though a release date is rumoured for September 28th. Nor do we know what the official GoPro Hero6 Black specs will be, although there’s been plenty of speculation online. As we hear more we’ll continue to bring you the latest.

For now, here’s a quick video about how the GoPro Hero6 Black might intergrate with your home. Any comments and questions about the GoPro Hero6 Black in the Smart Home then please leave a comment or get in touch directly.

GoPro Hero6 Black in the Smart Home
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GoPro Hero6 Black in the Smart Home
With it's imminent launch we look at how the GoPro Hero6 Black could integrate into the Smart Home and automatically download and edit footage.
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