One of the big new features of the GoPro Hero5 Black is the voice activation, you simply speak one of a number of terms and the GoPro does as you request. Having used and been amused by Siri for a good couple of years, I was half expecting the GoPro to order me a taxi rather start recording, but annoyingly all the commands I tried (it was the full list) appeared to work. As exciting as a ten minute video of me shouting at a GoPro would inevitably be, here’s a quick abridged version! For those of you interested, here’s the full list of commands. Just a warning, these only work for the Hero5 and not the 4 unless you shout really loud! Please, if you do decide to shout at your Hero4, tweet us your videos and tag #shoutatgopro GoPro Start Recording GoPro HiLight GoPro Stop Recording GoPro Take a Photo GoPro Shoot Burst GoPro Start Time Lapse GoPro Stop Time Lapse GoPro Video Mode GoPro Photo Mode GoPro Time Lapse Mode GoPro Burst Mode GoPro Turn Off
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