Let’s face it: action cameras are as close to a disposable camera as you can get these days. They might be tough, but when mounted to the front of your bike, especially during the British winter, even the GoPro Hero6 Black is going to sustain some damage.

Arriving home to find a scratch across the lens, paint being chipped off or worse no camera at all is always devastating. Especially when that camera cost a penny less than £500.

In the end, all the old GoPro’s and action cameras get assigned to the action camera bin. That once prized camera then has to be replaced with a new greatest action camera ready for sacrifice.

I’ve taken to using a large selection of makes and models. At the top of the list are the Yi 4K+, Garmin Virb Ultra 30 and of course the GoPro… but these are all expensive.

But what if there was a reasonably priced GoPro?

It looks like GoPro is about to announce a discounted, entry-level GoPro Hero. By discounted I mean around the £150-200 price mark.

This wouldn’t put it into the budget end of sub £100 cameras, but it would make it very affordable.

From leaked documents it looks like this new entry level, rather than budget, camera will offer 1080p at 60fps 10-megapixel stills as well as time-lapse.

It will also feature the same design as the GoPro Hero 6 which will mean that it has the touch screen and voice activation.

This would be a major win for the company as it would put the camera in direct competition against many of it’s cheaper competitors.

However having now looked at a fair few action cameras I have drawn up a basic action camera base specifications list. It’s straightforward 1080p at 60fps and 4K at 30fps as minimum specs.

The new Hero hits the 1080p requirement but falls short of the 4K.

However I recently looked at the GoXtreme Pioneer, a seemingly underspec’d action camera, that proved that quality footage always wins out.

Offering 1080p at 30fps and 4K at a token 10fps I almost dismissed the camera completely. But at less than £50 it was out of curiosity more than anything when I took a proper look.

The specifications were limited, but despite that the quality of the footage was great.

With more non-action camera users using the cameras, an action cam with 1080p at 60fps starts to make sense.

The majority of action camera users I meet out on the trail almost all shoot in 1080p rather than 4K. This is largely because their computers just can’t cope with the extra processing and storage that 4K requires.

With this in mind, the entry-level GoPro Hero could be an ideal all-rounder. It certainly should worry many of the mid-range action camera manufacturers.

We’ll bring you more on the GoPro Hero once we have more details.

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