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GoPro Gear of the Year 2018

How to update GoPro Hero7 Black firmware

It’s been a phenomenal year for GoPro with the launch of the GoPro Hero7 Black, re-establishing the brand as the number one action camera.

When it arrived the industry took a deep intake of breath, this camera had to be good, but there was an initial shock when it was revealed that the specifications didn’t seem to have changed to any great degree; No resolution or frame rate boost, what was going on? But, then HyperSmooth and Live Streaming were revealed.

At first, HyperSmooth was a bit of a so what feature, but as soon as reviewers got their hands on the Hero7, it confirmed that HyperSmooth and the Hero7 was a game changer.

HyperSmooth transforms all GoPro footage into smooth flowing professional video without the need for gimbals, post process or standard digital stabilisation. It just does it all in camera, at a quality that can be directly compared with its mechanical gimbal rivals.

But now you’ve bought the ultimate action camera it’s time to accessorise, so what are the cameras in this years GoPro line-up and what makes the list for this years GoPro gear of the year.

GoPro Hero camera line-up 2018

Before we look at the gear lets, look at the latest line-up of GoPro Hero cameras.

All three cameras the GoPro Hero7 Black, Sliver and White offer many similar features including:

Shared GoPro Hero7 features

  • Image stabalisation
  • Voice control
  • Auto offload to phone
  • Time lapse video
  • Slo-Mo

GoPro Hero7 Black

Top on the list is the GoPro Hero7 Black, it’s awesome, it has HyperSmooth, and it will enable you to capture the best action camera footage ever.


4K at up to 60fps or 1080p at an incredible 240fps, what more could you want from an action camera of this size?

The camera has also expanded on functionality, including live streaming to your favourite social media platform as standard.

It also features the ability to plug in a standard microphone amplifying the quality of the audio. This has been possible in previous generations, but the whole audio system has been tweaked for improved sound.

At the price the GoPro Hero7 Black is the ultimate action camera, it provides you with a solid base for all extreme sports activities, or it’s equally suited to capture the fun and frolics of your family and friends.

GoPro Hero7 Silver

Sitting in the shadow of the Black, the GoPro Hero7 Silver is still a very competent camera.


Again it sees 4K video but this time at 30fps rather than 60fps, and 1080p can be shot at 60fps, not groundbreaking but the standard fps for any true action camera footage. These specifications mean that it’s still good enough for most extreme sports and again it is equally suited to capturing time with family and friends.

The GoPro Hero7 Silver is a more traditional action camera, so if you just want simplicity so you can get straight into the action without any faff then the Hero7 Silver is definitely a good choice.

GoPro Hero7 White.

The entry-level GoPro cuts out 4K and provides 1080p at 60fps. It takes the most common settings used by GoPro users and supplies them without fuss.


The price point makes accessible to all users. It might not have the 4K resolutions and framerates of its siblings but the video quality is all GoPro.

Although you may list after the higher spec’d cameras when it comes to usability most people stick to 1080p at 60fps, and when it comes to editing and storage the requirements are far lighter.

One of the significant advantages of the GoPro Hero7 White over other action cameras in this price range is the full compatibility with the GoPro range of apps. These include the main GoPro app that enables you to control the camera through to Quik that enables you to edit and share your footage.

GoPro Memory cards

If there’s only one other accessory that you buy for you GoPro, it has to be a memory card, and there’s a good selection out there.


SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 256GB Review

Despite the sizeable 4K resolution and impressive 1080p at 240fps the actual requirements for memory cards for the GoPro Hero7 Black are light.

As long as the Micro SD card is class 10 with a decent amount of storage; 16 to 32MB, then the card will be perfectly adequate for use in the flagship model.

If it works in the Black then the MicroSD card will work in the rest of the range, essentially the MicroSD Card requirements are the same for the GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver and White.

However, when it comes to MicroSD cards, not all are made the same, even if the specification of the card says they are. It’s well worth looking for a card that comes from a known manufacturer such as Delkin, SanDisk, Samsung or Kingston.

You can read the full break down of the cards we recommend for the GoPro Hero7 range of cameras here:

GoPro Carrying case

GoPro cameras may have been designed but throw them into your pocket alongside some keys, and you’ll very quickly find a scratch lens or worse, screen.


To be sure your GoPro lens and touchscreen stay in prime condition it’s always worth giving your GoPro a quick clean before storing it away.

When it comes to storage I’ve found the best solutions are generally semihard cases for everyday use, or a hard case if travelling.

There’s plenty out there to choose from but our preference over this year has been the Manfrotto off-road Stunt Roll organiser a great solution for everyday use and the Peli GoPro hard case ideal for when travelling.

GoPro Grips

Aside from using a GoPro as an action camera, it’s quality microphones, and adjustable Field-of-view makes it the perfect camera for vlogging.


Manfrotto Virtual Reality Kit with PIXI EVO and Aluminium Extension review: build quality

The Black version even enables you to live stream to your favourite social networks, so it’s a great all-around camera. But, as the size and shape of the GoPro haven’t been designed to be hand-held the addition of a grip is a great idea.

Although a grip can be added to any GoPro, it’s really only with the addition of the HyperSmooth with the Hero7 Black that the footage that you capture handheld can be used for anything other than fun.

With HyperSmooth handling the stabalisation, any fixed grip can be used and there’s no need for larger and more weighty gimbal heads such as the Karma or Removu S1.

Now you can get away with using rigid supports such as the Manfrotto Pixie or the 3 Legged Thing Ziggy.

These micro tripods enable a firm and grip for your GoPro, and as they’re designed as micro tripods can be used to capture stunning time lapses or family group shots.

GoPro Backpacks

It might seem odd that such a small camera has a dedicated bag, and there’s not just one, but several on the market.


Manfrotto Off Road Stunt Backpack

These bags are designed with clips so that you can harness your GoPro on the outside enabling you to capture footage while running, walking or simply getting on with whatever activity it is you happen to be doing.

Our three choices are the Manfrotto off-road Stunt backpack, the Thule GoPro Legend Backpack and GoPro’s own.

All three provide plenty of space and have all been designed with comfort in mind almost any activity.

GoPro Handlebar mount

One of the most common accessories bought for GoPro is the handlebar mount, this enables you to mount the GoPro directly onto the bars of your bike.


While there are plenty out there, there are a few that actually do the job well, with the slightest movement of vibration being amplified and causing unusable footage.

GoPro does produce their own mount, which is okay as long as it’s well bolted down good and tight, but if you want the ultimate solution, you need a proper bar clamp.

At present, the best out there are the K-Edge bike mounts, these are made from solid metal and are fantastic.

They create the standard handlebar clamps in a variety of diameters but also a seat clamp which gives you another perspective for your footage.

GoPro Chest harness

This is one of the classic mounts out there and enables you to mount the camera onto your chest.

It’s an ideal solution for almost any action sport and enables you to get a first-person perspective of the action.

GoPro make their own and this is as good as any.

GoPro Drones

A couple of years ago the list of GoPro ready drones amounted to quite a few, today most have been discontinued, including GoPro’s Karma drone. This means that there are plenty of bargains out there.


Aside from the Karma drone the 3DR Solo is one of the best drones on the market and can now be picked up for unbelievable prices.

GoPro Karma Grip

What made it so different was that it featured a LINUX operating system, and was supported by a huge education and open source community. This h meant those in the know could update the drone in any way they liked, adding features both software and hardware.

The GoPro Karma drone is now at the end of it’s very short life, and it might not be quite as feature packed as the latest DJI Mavic 2, but that’s not to say that it isn’t still a great drone.

Again with prices plummeting, you can pick yourself an absolute bargain.

Waterproof housing

OK, we all celebrated when the bulky waterproof housing was replaced in favour of the cage. OK, the dive depth reduces from 30m to 10m, but I can only say that I’ve needed that depth a handful of times.

On those occasions, I can still grab the deep sea housing and know that the GoPro will be protected at depth, and I tend to pop it in one when surfing just encase.

The official case is relatively inexpensive but a great reassurance when in the sea.

MicroSD card holder

Unless you use GoPro camera regularly you may not see the point, but a MicroSD card holder is essential if you swap out your memory cards.


I usually have between two and three action cameras on the go at any one time, and inevitable one or more will need a card change during the weekend.

When this happens out in the field it can be almost impossible to keep and store the card safely without a card case.

The PNY Hard case is one of the best, it’s waterproof, solid and will last you for years.

The case is designed for SD Cards, so it’s worth filling with MicroSD cards inside their SD adapters for added security. It also makes it easier to find them when you drop them in cold wet conditions.

GoPro Microphone

There’s really only one option here the Rode VideoMicro. It’s compact, requires no batteries and makes a huge difference to the quality of your audio.


You’ll need the GoPro mic adapter to use, but it’s well worth the expense if you want to use your GoPro for Vlogging.


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