GoPro may have accidentally leaked the specs, price and release for its upcoming GoPro Fusion 360 camera, according to reports.

The Japanese camera website Nokoshita recently posted a link what appeared to be the GoPro Fusion manual listing all of its features and specifications.

The manual has since been taken offline, but Mic Ty at 360 Rumors managed to read it in its full glory before it was removed and found some interesting information within its listing of specifications.

Possible GoPro Fusion Specs

  • Video resolution: 5.7K @ 24 fps or 5.2K @ 30fps, as well as 60fps @ 3K (3008 x 1504)
  • Photo resolution: 18 megapixels
  • Burst mode for still images up to 30fps
  • Raw format for still images
  • ISO (photos): 100 to 800
  • ISO (videos): 100 to 6400
  • Shutter speed: up to 30 seconds
  • USB Type C

Like the GoPro Hero5 Black, the GoPro Fusion will also be waterproof up to 16 feet without a housing. The Fusion will also be compatible with the Remo waterproof voice-activated remote designed for the Hero5 Black.

The GoPro Fusion will also offer voice control for hands-free operation much like its siblings in the Hero5 range.

With the voice commands ‘GoPro Highlight’ or ‘That was sick’ you will be able to mark highlights in your videos shot with the Fusion. You will also be able to mark highlights by pressing a button on the camera’s body.

The Fusion will also incorporate GoPro’s Protune mode, allowing you to set limits on your sensitivity and exposure compensation.

An OverCapture mode will enable users to make traditional 16:9 videos in 1080p resolution from their 360 videos, with full control of the perspective. This is something we saw just recently introduced with the Insta360 ONE.

When the Fusion is in standby mode, a Quikcapture function will automatically wake the camera up when you press the shutter button and begin recording immediately. If you keep holding down the shutter button in Quikcapture, the Fusion will record a timelapse.

Other features are said to include three microphones, loop recording, GPS location tagging and an intervalometer for timelapses, with intervals from 0.5secs up to 60secs.

Interestingly, the manual posted online said the GoPro Fusion will boast two micro SD card slots, which Ty suggests means each of the camera’s lenses uses a dedicated card and that there is likely no in-camera stitching.

GoPro Fusion Release Date

A recent promotion on GoPro’s website to give away a Fusion a day (go sign up here!) suggests that cameras will be shipped at the end of March 2018.

It would seem unlikely that winners would receive cameras before they’re officially released. So a GoPro Fusion release date must be in the cards for near the end of March 2018.

GoPro Fusion Price

The same promotion estimates the prize value of a Fusion at $1000. If this is indeed the price of a GoPro Fusion, it will be one of the most expensive consumer 360 cameras on the market. It would be $600 more than the Yi 360 VR camera, which also offers 5.7K video.

But, of course, March is still a ways off, and all of this could change. In the meantime, we will be waiting eagerly.

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