GoPro QuikStories creates edited clips with one touch

GoPro QuikStories creates edited clips with one touch

GoPro’s Quik app has already simplified the process of editing and sharing footage from your Hero and Hero Session action cameras, and a new QuikStories feature aims to take this even further.

In a new update to its Quik app, GoPro has added a QuikStories feature that searches your Hero or Hero Session for new video footage and then automatically edits them into a shareable clip.

GoPro’s aim with QuikStories is to get people doing more with their images and prevent them from languishing on memory cards forever.

How GoPro QuikStories works

  1. First, connect your GoPro to GoPro Quik and download the latest update.
  2. Go shoot some awesome video footage.
  3. Connect your camera to your phone when you’re done.
  4. GoPro Quik searches your camera for new video footage and automatically generates an edited clip.
  5. Tap to share if you’re happy with it, or customise the clip further.

If you do want to take the editing further, you can change the music, redo Quik’s automatic edits – all that control is still there if you want it. GoPro is just trying to save you time. You can also add still images and other media from your phone.

While QuikStories appears generally more aimed at short videos, the feature will also let you integrate clips from longer footage.

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