Google, Getty Images partner to protect copyright on image searches

Google, Getty Images to protect copyright on image searches

Google has reached an agreement with Getty Images to amend its image search tool to better prevent the misuse of copyrighted photos, the stock agency has announced.

Getty has been filing complaints against Google for a while, stating that the search giant is making its stock photos accessible for copyright theft.

Having worked together this past year to address the concerns, Google will now be removing the View Image button that historically has linked directly the high-res version of an image appearing in its search results.

What’s more, Google will be making copyright statements more prominent in its search results.

Getty has stated in an email to its photographers: “[T]oday we are pleased to announce that after working cooperatively with Google over the past months, our concerns are being recognized and we have withdrawn our complaint.”

Google and Getty Images also announced a new global partnership with a multi-year licensing agreement that will see Google begin using Getty’s stock images within its various products and services.

Via PetaPixel