News |Gizomos launches GP-06ST Mini table top tripods

Gizomos launches GP-06ST Mini table top tripods

Gizomos GP 06ST

Micro tripods have been around for years, but whilst in the past they’ve been a bit of an oddity, these days they’re a common and important part of most photographers kit bags. The new Gizomos GP-06ST mini tabletop tripod develops the design offering a decent all-round solution.

The new micro tripod has been designed to hold entry-level DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras as well as mobile phones. Despite the small size, the GP-06ST is capable of holding up to 3KG.

Size wise it’s small, as you’d expect from a micro tripod, with a folded height of 210mm, a minimum height of 160mm and max height of 190mm.

What makes the design a little different from the majority of other micro tripods is that the legs are in two sections and offer 5 stage angle adjustment.

The design also incorporates an impressive looking ball head that enables you to tilt the camera up to 90º. It also features a mobile phone holder giving you plenty of options.

Of course, being as a micro tripod it packs down small and is nice and light.

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Gizomos launches GP-06ST Mini table top tripods
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Gizomos launches GP-06ST Mini table top tripods
Micro tripod are incredibly useful and Gizomos has just announced the GP 06ST. It may be compact but it can still hold an Mirrorless or entry DSLR
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Camera Jabber
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