News |Get ready for the ultimate body with PortraitPro Body V2

Get ready for the ultimate body with PortraitPro Body V2

PortraitPro Body

A few years ago PortraitPro burst onto the scene, enabling advanced portrait correction with a series of simple to use controls.

These controls enabled anyone to retouch, enhance and remodel portraits in a way that only experienced photo retouchers had been able to do before.

These controls used clever coding to automatically fix many portrait flaws such as bags under the eyes, skin imperfections, eye colour, face shape and far more.

This was followed by LandscapePro that enabled the same intelligent enhancements for Landscapes and now they’ve launched version 2 of PortraitPro Body. Really perfect timing on the approach to Christmas.

What does this application do? Well, it remodels and reshapes your body digitally. It does exactly what so many fashion magazines have been told not to do. Re-shape and remodels models bodies so they look better.

Now you can do it too, without the years of Photoshop expertise or spending a fortune down at the gym.

We’ll check out exactly how well this new edition works in the new year, until then enjoy the festive food and we’ll see you on the otherside.

Keep an eye on for a full review soon or check out the PortraitPro Body website for more details


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