News |Fujifilm Enhances GFX100 II, X-H2S camera functionality with firmware updatess

Fujifilm Enhances GFX100 II, X-H2S camera functionality with firmware updates

GFX100 II, X-H2S, and FT-XH receive significant improvements

Fujifilm GFX100 II

Fujifilm has announced a series of firmware updates for its GFX100 II, X-H2S, and FT-XH models, marking significant improvements in performance and functionality. These updates are aimed at enhancing user experience and expanding the cameras’ capabilities, particularly in autofocus and video recording.

The GFX100 II update (Version 2.10) enhances AF performance, particularly in burst mode, and improves Wi-Fi connectivity for smoother communication with services like This update also addresses a variety of bugs, including one that affected the AF accuracy with wide-angle lenses and another that caused image preview freezes under certain settings.

For the X-H2S (Version 6.00), the update not only improves AF tracking in continuous mode but also introduces new movie recording features like a frame indicator and adjustable self-timer for movie starts. It also streamlines the firmware upgrade process through the FUJIFILM XApp, which now supports automatic background transfers of firmware updates. Additionally, this update enhances Wi-Fi performance for better usability in transferring images and movies directly to without needing additional hardware.

The FT-XH firmware (Version 2.11) focuses on improving connection functionality with, enhancing the workflow for users who require seamless file transfers during their shoots.

These updates reflect Fujifilm’s commitment to refining and advancing their camera technologies to meet the dynamic needs of photographers and videographers. Users can expect improved performance, convenience, and creative flexibility following these updates.

For more detailed information and download instructions, visit Fujifilm’s official firmware update pages:

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